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Wilton walk-in clinic is a newly established clinic to offer friendly, convenient and affordable services provided by experienced and skilled healthcare professionals. We offer not only a Walk-In service but are now also offering a number of other clinics alongside this.


Full Medical Screening

Prevention is better than a cure and so here at the walk-in clinic, we are offering the following services to help you take control of your health. We offer appointments targeting men’s health and women’s health as well as diabetes and blood pressure checks. Our doctors are experienced and helpful in the area of prevention and want to help you stay well long into the future.


Travel Vaccination

We offer convenient and affordable travel vaccinations in Cork and medications for when you are planning that big trip. You must book in advance for travel vaccines, please book an appointment. It is important to remember that some vaccinations require a ‘schedule’ which means that you will need more than one vaccination over a period of time before you go away.


Blood Pressure Checks

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a serious risk factor for stroke and heart disease. It is important to ensure that your blood pressure is well controlled. We offer blood pressure checks as well as blood pressure clinics. Wilton walk-in clinic also offers convenient 24 hours blood pressure monitor. No need for appointments to see a doctor to get your blood pressure.

Our Services

Whilst Wilton clinic started as a walk-in medical clinic we have responded to our patient's requests by continually updating our service. We now offer many other services to complement our walk-in clinic. This includes our Travel Vaccine Clinic, Cosmetic Clinic and many other services as you can see below.



You can come to our walk-in clinic at any time for your pill refill. However, if you want to minimize your waiting time you can book with our nurse for this service also.


Earwax buildup can cause damage to these structures over time. This can affect your hearing. We can remove excess earwax with ear irrigation.



Hypertension is a serious risk factor for stroke and heart disease. It is important to ensure that your blood pressure is well controlled. Keep blood pressure checks.


Flu Jabs are particularly important for those with chronic health conditions such as diabetes and asthma. They also help prevent the spread of flu.



It’s very important that you keep up with your Cervical Screening schedule. In order to make this as easy as possible, we offer evening appointments as well.


We offer phlebotomy services at our clinic. We primarily take blood for our own doctors but also offer a service where we only take the blood.


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  • Monday - Friday: 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
  • Address:Wilton Court, Cork, ireland.
  • Phone:+353 21 422 7200
  • Email: wiltonwalkinclinic@gmail.com

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